POS Protect + with Acumera – Now Available

Due to extensive feedback, CHS Payment Solutions is excited to announce a change to the POS Protect + program! Beginning July 1, 2022, the POS Protect + program will be expanded to include a new vendor partner, Acumera.

Merchants can now decide whether they would like to utilize Acumera or PDI as their vendor partner for the POS Protect + program. The main differences include:

POS Protect + with PDI*POS Protect + with Acumera
Leased HardwareOwned Hardware
Lower Up-Front CostsLower Monthly Cost

For further information, please review this overview and comparison guide to determine which option is best for you.

If you are interested in switching to POS Protect + with Acumera or if you have questions not answered in the comparison guide, please contact CHS Payment Solutions at 800-852-5301.

*Please note, if you would like to continue POS Protect + with PDI, no action is needed, and you can disregard this communication.

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Published 06/10/22

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